SBX Coaching & Workshops

SBX coaching / workshops welcome children of all ages and abilities to come and participate. SBX provides the highest level of entertainment, skill and experience anywhere in the commercial world.

SBX Urban Sport Show & Coaching Workshops - You can hire the SBX team to perform and coach from a wide varity of urban sports including; Football, Basketball, BMX, Skateboarding, DJ-ING, Graffiti Art, Beat Boxing, Street Dance & Break Dancing. This is a unique and energetic show that will encourages children of all ages to get involved and have great fun whilst promoting an active lifestyle.

Coaching clinics- Choose one or more of the SBX players to come and coach at a venue of your choice. Coaching sessions are normally 1-2hrs long and can be held in a number of different facilities to suit you. By using a fun approach, we believe that we can really make a big influence on the youth of today, by getting children off the streets and doing something new, exciting and positive. It provides children with a foundation in a range of sporting activities that ultimately encourages mass participation in these sports.

Skill Sessions- These sessions are integrated with the normal coaching clinic sessions. Skill sessions take away the regimented regulations around the urban sports offered whilst providing children with the opportunity to develop skills and tricks from these sports.

Day Camps -Day camps offer great opportunities for children to do something new and constructive during their school holidays. Participants get to spend the whole day learning from the best in urban talent and a wide array of sports. It is a jam packed day where all the elements of the extreme urban sports are crammed in to allow children to get a grounding on how to play, shoot, develop techniques, compete and ultimately have a fun and rewarding day.

Open Sessions -SBX work closely with a number of councils and sport development officers distributed throughout the UK. In order to provide youths with a more active and positive alternative to how they spend their free time. Open sessions allow any member of the public to come and play alongside the SBX team in an open door event. This encourages a better society by getting people involved in team sports and we like to feel that we are giving something back to the community.

Parties & Other -SBX now offer party coaching and demonstration sessions, whereby a small number of the SBX team team are hired to provide a short but fun coaching session during a birthday party finishing with a number of freestyle demonstrations. SBX goodies and prizes are given as rewards throughout. Games and exercises are integrated into the party fun whislt coaching and demonstrations add a wow factor.


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Experience SBX Entertainment across the following:
  • Open Door Events
  • Exhibition Football & Basketball Games
  • BMX Flatland/Ramp Displays
  • Urban Freestyle Shows
  • Stage Shows
  • Theatre Productions
  • Dunk Contests & Demonstrations
  • Coaching Workshops
  • Weddings
  • Fetes
  • Trade Fairs
  • Motivational talks
  • TV & Radio
  • Films
  • Adverts
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events
  • Childrens' Parties
  • Music Festivals
  • Music Videos
  • PR Events
  • Motion Caption Gaming
  • Body Doubles
  • Product Launches
  • Local Community projects / Sport Club Initiatives
  • Experiential Marketing Campaigns
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